Rise Up

  All we need is hope, And for that we have each other.   We will rise.   I'll rise up, Rise like the day. I'll rise up, In spite of the ache. I will rise a thousand times again.   And we'll rise up, High like the waves. We'll rise up, In spite of the ache. We'll rise … Continue reading Rise Up


ATRIEV’s Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

  R u a high school or college student who plans to specialize in IT? R u a working professional with or without computer background? Do u want to learn how to surf the net, send emails, use social media and use Microsoft Office applications? Worries no more because ATRIEV has the perfect solutions.   … Continue reading ATRIEV’s Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

Scholarship: Web Accessibility Curriculum

The demand for accessibility professionals is growing. We, people with disabilities have a lot to offer in this field. We live the experience, so in many ways we are already experts! We still have to learn the technical skills though, and that's where the Deque University classes can help.   Free Web Accessibility Curriculum offered … Continue reading Scholarship: Web Accessibility Curriculum

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

How accessible is this world? It is very accessible. I can read any printed materials and street signs, enjoy watching movies, travel to different places in a breeze and can operate machines and do other stuff like anyone else until I lost my sight. Needless to say, the above mentioned become difficult or impossible to … Continue reading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability (PWD) in the Philippines

Benefits for PWD has been amended. Under RA 10754, PWDs are now entitled to at least 20 percent discount and exemption from value-added tax (VAT), if applicable, on the sale of goods and services for the exclusive use and enjoyment or availment of the PWD. (Please refer to SEC. 32 A, below)   Note that … Continue reading Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability (PWD) in the Philippines