How to avail discount from UBER Manila for PWD riders

UBER App Home Screen

In June 2016 the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issued a statement reminding transport network vehicle services (TNVS) including Uber, Grab, and uHop shuttle service operators and drivers to honor the mandated 20 percent discount for Students, Persons with Disability(PWD) and Senior Citizens.


Upon reading the said news, I tried to contact UBER and Grab through their Facebook pages and their email addresses to inquiring the process on how someone who belong to the sector mentioned can avail the 20 percent discount. unfortunately after a year,I received no response. I almost gave up in finding the answers to my inquiry when yesterday Joan, my dearest sister-in-law popped a topic on how to avail of the discount from UBER. So when I get home, I flip my phone and tap the UBER App eager to discover the process myself. And Boom!


How to apply for the 20 percent discount for PWD in Uber

  1. GET THE UBER APP. Download the Uber App to your mobile device from AppStore if you are using iOS or from Google Play for android users.
  2. REGISTER AN  ACCOUNT. Activate the App once its finished downloading. You will be presented a screen to register an account. You may opt to register using your Facebook account or sign up with your email.
  3. SUBMIT YOUR PWD ID. Once you successfully registered an account. Tap MENU on the upper left corner of the Uber screen. Then go to HELP, then MORE, then PWD/Student/Senior Citizen Discount. You will land on the screen where you have to take a photo of your PWD ID. Take a clear photo of your ID and Press the submit button. If you are a screen reader user, you may ask a sighted person to do this.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PWD ID RECEIPT. Within a week, an Uber representative will acknowledge receipt of your ID and will advise you that your request for eligibility to 20 percent discount is now on the process of validation.
  5. DISCOUNT CONFIRMATION. To view if your request has been successfully validated, go to MENU, then PAYMENT. Check in the Promotion Section if you have a DISCOUNT TAG already. A message like this will appear to confirm your eligibility “20% OFF, 20% off 500 trips up to PHP500, Philippines, Dec 31, 2017, 50+ trips left” already.” This confirmation is processed in 3 days.
  6. RIDE UBER AWAY!!! Upon receipt of the Discount TAG, you can now enjoy the 20 percent discount every time you ride UBER. Just don’t forget to bring your PWD ID with you because you will need to present the said to the Uber driver.

Note that same process for Students and Senior Citizen riders to availing the 20 percent discount.



2 thoughts on “How to avail discount from UBER Manila for PWD riders

  1. Hi… Clarified this with uber. They only give a discount if you have an uber account. And you can only register for an uber account if you are 18yo and above. So if you are a minor PWD or a student below 18 riding uber with your companion, you are not entitled to a discount. I find that misleading and against the spirit of the law.


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