ATRIEV’s Digital Literacy Training (DLT)


R u a high school or college student who plans to specialize in IT? R u a working professional with or without computer background? Do u want to learn how to surf the net, send emails, use social media and use Microsoft Office applications?

Worries no more because ATRIEV has the perfect solutions.


Digital Literacy Training (DLT) Schedule

Join ATRIEV’s Digital Literacy Training (DLT) for blind and low vision persons,

from April 18 to June2, 2017,

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM,

Monday to Saturday

at the ATRIEV training center in Quezon City.


Scope of  Digital Literacy Training

You will learn basic MS Office applications: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Integrated with the following Soft skills workshops: personality development, presentation and public speaking, and self realization.


Tuition is Absolutely Free!!!

The DLT is in partnership with Microsoft YouthSpark project. Tuition is absolutely free for trainees 35 years old and younger.


For inquiries on Registration

Register now! Limited slots r available. Call at:

Telephone Numbers:

(02) 725-4191

(02) 411-1664

Mobile Numbers:




Please call between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday only.

Tap to Independence


Please LIKE my video- an official entry to the Homan Prize for Blind Ambitions- to help me advance to the final round!



The “Tap to Independence” project aims to help people who lost their sight gain independence with dignity and confidence  to be able to participate equally in the society by providing rehabilitation, training  and assistance.



“The Holman Prize is not meant to save the world or congratulate someone for leaving the house. This prize will spark unanticipated accomplishments in the blindness community. You will see blind people doing things that surprise and perhaps even confuse you. These new LightHouse prizes will change perceptions about what blind people are capable of doing.”

— Bryan Bashin, CEO at LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Read more about the Holman Prize here.

You may also cast your LIKE at the Holman Prize blog, just click here.

Scholarship: Web Accessibility Curriculum

The demand for accessibility professionals is growing. We, people with disabilities have a lot to offer in this field. We live the experience, so in many ways we are already experts! We still have to learn the technical skills though, and that’s where the Deque University classes can help.


Free Web Accessibility Curriculum offered at Deque University

If you have a disability, you qualify for a scholarship to access to Deque University’s in-depth web accessibility curriculum for a full year (normally $315) at no cost.


Courses included in the Web Accessibility Curriculum

The curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals
  • HTML & CSS Accessibility
  • ARIA & JavaScript Accessibility
  • Mobile Web Accessibility
  • IAAP CPACC Certification Preparation Course
  • Web Accessibility Testing Techniques
  • Testing with Screen Readers
  • MS Word Accessibility
  • MS PowerPoint Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • InDesign Accessibility
  • EPUB Accessibility


Here is the link to their website:


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

How accessible is this world?
It is very accessible. I can read any printed materials and street signs, enjoy watching movies, travel to different places in a breeze and can operate machines and do other stuff like anyone else until I lost my sight. Needless to say, the above mentioned become difficult or impossible to do with my current situation. And so this world become less accessible to me or I thought it is.


Will this same world be accessible to me again?
It would be a challenge to everyone but Yes!
I learnt that this can be done after completing the ICT Accessibility course. Yes! this world will become accessible to a wide variety of person with disability, including the aging population if only all devices, applications, services, structures and products are made accessible to the wide variety of people. Inclusion of and accommodation to all people, with and without disabilities, from the planning and design to production and implementation of devices, applications, services, structures and products.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Course

ICT Accessibility course from Georgia Tech is offered in
EDX offers extensive list of free accessible courses from Well known universities world wide. Certificate is available for a minimal fee upon completing each course and passing it’s quizzes.
Here is the link to their website:

The opportunity of adversity



“So, it’s not just about the words. It’s what we believe about people when we name them with these words. It’s about the values behind the words, and how we construct those values. Our language affects our thinking and how we view the world and how we view other people. In fact, many ancient societies, including the Greeks and the Romans, believed that to utter a curse verbally was so powerful, because to say the thing out loud brought it into existence. So, what reality do we want to call into existence: a person who is limited, or a person who’s empowered? By casually doing something as simple as naming a person, a child, we might be putting lids and casting shadows on their power. Wouldn’t we want to open doors for them instead?”

Aimee Mullins

White Cane on Board

This image contains: White Cane and Black Luggage

Thanks to RAG for the luggage and Kuya Shigenori for the cane


Traveling abroad filled me with both excitement and anxiety. Making sure that every single detail of the trip is carefully addressed, including several questions that lurked into my sleep. Lucky for us, Bam and Johnny took care of the itinerary for the entire holiday. They also provided us with transportation, accommodation and food during our stay in Canberra. Yoohoo! So when I finally got a Visa grant from the Australian Embassy, I start to find answer to whether I can bring my white cane on board with me on the airplane. To do this, I send an inquiry to Cebu Pacific Air, the air carrier company where I bought my ticket to Australia, through their Facebook page. They instantly reply saying that mobility canes are for check in. So I send another message, this time, with a link to an article in Rappler stating that mobility aids such as canes are allowed in the cabin according to the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC). But I got the same firm response-adding that their  check-in counters has stand by wheelchair attendants that can assist the guest from the counter to the aircraft. A wheelchair for me?! I have strong legs, thank you!!! Packing my cane in check baggage is no issue to me at all, but if anything happened (God forbid), having a cane within my reach would be helpful.


Unsatisfied by the information I gathered from Cebu Pacific Air, I also made an inquiry to the Office for Transportation Security-DOTr regarding the said concern. Below is the copy of the response I receive.


Response from the Office for Transportation Security[DOTr begins here:

Hi Jhon! As per the OTS Memorandum Circular 02 s. 2015 on the revised Prohibited Items List, Crutches, Walking sticks or aids can be carried in the cabin by person with reduced mobility or those who are visibly in need of such aid. However, this shall not be misunderstood / mistaken for Cane Umbrellas, as these items are not allowed in the cabin. 


Also, please be advised that although walking sticks/canes are allowed in the cabin, this must be cleared first at the security screening checkpoints prior boarding the aircraft. 

Thank you. 

-Public Affairs Division

Response from OTS-DOTr ends here.


Gilly and I arrived Three hours earlier our departure time at the NAIA Terminal 3 on the day of our flight. At this moment, I am no longer worrisome of my white cane. After all, we have other things to worry about that only family and few closed friends were aware of the more important hurdle in this trip. The check-in counters are still close so we decided to pay the travel tax before cueing up to check our bag. While on the line to the check-in counters, I try to distract Gilly’s attention to lessen the stress he is on. After an hour of waiting, we finally reached the counter. He presents both our passports and a copy of the e-ticket to the attending ground staff and lifts the luggage onto the weighing scale. We are both quiet while the attendant processes the  boarding pass. I lift the sunglasses  and show him my eyes upon his request while I grip tightly to my cane using the other hand. He reviews the flight and boarding details before he hands back our passports, e-ticket and boarding pass. We thank the guy gleefully as we walk away from the counter.


As we lead our way to the Immigration, a lady calls our attentions from behind. “Oh shit!” I mutter. Is this because of the cane? or the other thing? We pause from walking and turn to the lady.

”Yes?”I said while stretching my lips to hid my confusion.

“Sir, would you rather like to be taken on a wheelchair? It’s a long walk to your assigned boarding gate.” offer the lady.

“No, but thanks! He prefers to walk.” Gilly answer.

She retrieves and go back to her station  as we carry on.


We passed the immigration and the final security check in a breeze and  immediately advise Bam and Johnny with excitement that we made it through. Hoorah!


Absolutely Alright!